New feature: Capacity Overage Report

The new Capacity Overage Report shows rooms that are too full.

Screenshot: Capacity overage report
At a glance, see where course capacity exceeds room capacity

ofCourse won’t overfill a room in Step 4. But in Step 5, during polishing, we do less policing. We prevent non-negotiable issues like double-booking a room or professor, but we do allow you to assign a room that has a smaller capacity than needed. We understand you may need to bend some rules to get your final schedule in place, and you may know you can bring in an extra chair or two to make it work.

But in the event there has been an oversight, you will now notice it in the Capacity Overage Report. It provides a concise accounting of every course occurring in a room where the course capacity exceeds the room capacity.

Troy Dearmitt

Troy is the CTO & Co-founder at ofCourse.

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